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Welcome to Asian/Pacific Gays and Friends

A/PGF is an non-profit, social and educational group established for gay Asians and friends who share an interest in Asian cultures and experiences.  A/PGF's primary purpose is to provide a supportive environment where the interaction between members is enjoyable, safe and enriching.

Celebrating Birthdays in October

Eduardo L on the 1st, Gary S on the 2nd, Jan D on the 10th, Adam P on the 14th, Bradley M and John F on the21st, Jak G and Tim K on the 27th and Peter G on the 30th

Welcome Renewing Members in September

We would like to welcome the following NEW members to the A/PGF Family: Kevin C, Richard S, Alvin I, Gregg O, Jay S, Johan A, Jordan N, Leo D, Michael D, Oren R, Thomas A, Troy T, Wah Sung T and Mark N


We would like to thank renewing members: Kaidy K, Hiro S, Tim K, Jan D, Jean B, Jeff E, Jeff T, John H, Neil K, Richard T, Rick B, Rokas O, Oiver L, Russell B, Publo D and Chitchon P.

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 Keep up to date will all the events from the convenience of your phone!

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Upcoming Events


Wednesday, October 22nd - Rainbow Skate Night at 8 PM in Glendale  (Information Only)


Saturday, October 25th - Halloween Party - 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM RSVP Required




Sunday, November 2nd at 2 AM - Standard Time Begins  (Turn clocks back one hour)


Saturday, November 15th - Bowling at the Mission Hills Bowl at 4:45 PM - RSVP Required


Saturday, November 15th - Asian IMPROV Comedy Night at 7:30 PM


Saturday, November 22nd - Movie/Potluck Night at 6:30 PM - TBA


Wednesday, November 26th - Rainbow Skate Night at 8 PM in Glendale  (Information Only)